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UK Peterborough, East Anglia

Since commencing operation in late November 2009, our newly aquired Solstor Yaxley hub, near Peterborough has been successful in servicing East Anglia produce, chilled product and cut flower customers through their primary retail supply chain. 
The Yaxley hub is ideally located just off the A1, with close proximity to the many perishable manufacturers and growers (produce supply) within the region.  This location provides for excellent access to northern, eastern and southern destinations throughout the UK including a wide range of services inbound to the region. We have already seen the benefit from this location to creating supply chain synergies and network efficiencies for our customers.  The relationships Solstor continues to build on within the area plays a vital role in achieving supply chain  service and effectively building solutions for network expansion.
Solstor Yaxley currently offers a 24/7 operation with approx. 32 dedicated HGVs (Euro 5), 50 trailers and 800 square metres of multi temperature cross docking facilities.
Full load distribution services are available throughout the UK and abroad via our Yaxley hub.
Please contact us for more information about supply chain solutions from our Yaxley hub.



Yaxley Hub:    +44 (0) 1733 246 800
Ina Bradshaw, Business Development Manager
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